Ten Treetop Family Activities

Ten Treetop Family Activities

Welcome to the old oak tree, where our Treetop Family lives! The squirrels, sparrows, raccoons and mice have lots of lovely adventures out here in nature, and we’d love for you to join in, so we put together a list of ten Treetop Family activities for you to enjoy. These activities are perfect for when the seasons are changing, or for any little nature lover or fan of Treetop Family. There are lots of crafts, games, and learning opportunities in the old oak tree, let’s take a look! 

Match The Leaves Memory Card Game

Ten Treetop Family Activities

This memory card game is lots of fun and a great learning opportunity to talk about different kinds of trees and leaves, and also their colors! Our Treetop Family friends live in an oak tree. Can you spot the oak leaves in your favorite episode of Treetop Family?

Treetop Family Coloring Pages

Ten Treetop Family Activities

We have over 95 Treetop Family coloring pages for you to enjoy. There are six coloring pages for each episode, so you can color in scenes from your favorite one and color them in for a relaxing activity with Treetop Family playing in the background. 

Make A Rainbow Worksheet

Ten Treetop Family Activities

Our Treetop Family friends learn all about the colors of the rainbow in the episode After The Rain. Make your own colorful rainbow with our Make A Rainbow worksheet! This is a great opportunity to talk about colors and weather with your little ones!

Make A Tree – Four Seasons Worksheet

Ten Treetop Family Activities

When the seasons change, special things happen to the old oak tree. Color each oak tree as it would look for each season to practice seasons! If you aren’t sure what a tree might look like during each season, find some clues in episodes of Treetop Family!

Make A Tree

Ten Treetop Family Activities

You can also make a big oak tree look any way you like! Little ones can get creative with this one, maybe even adding in some of their treetop family friends or trying to draw oak leaves. You can also try leaf rubbing: put a leaf underneath the page and use the side of a crayon to rub on the paper overtop of the leaf to see the leaf’s patterns and shapes appear on your tree!

Treetop Family Mobile Craft

Ten Treetop Family Activities

The sparrows from Treetop Family are learning to fly! Test their wings with this lovely Treetop Family mobile craft and watch fly round and round.

Stand Up Tree Craft

Ten Treetop Family Activities

This awesome tree craft is used with a cardboard tube for the trunk and stands up! You can make one to create your own Treetop Family scene, or make a few of them to make a whole Treetop forest! You can enjoy it on its own, or use it to act out your favorite Treetop Family episodes!

Tissue Paper Tree Craft

Ten Treetop Family Activities

This is another great tree craft that is perfect for little hands learning their fine motor skills. They can practice putting all the tissue paper leaves on the tree one at a time. You can make green leaves, or try using autumn colors to make a tree in the fall time!

Mother Nature’s Paint Brushes

Ten Treetop Family Activities

Our Treetop Family friends use things around them to make lovely gifts for their loved ones in the episode Simple Gifts. We can use things we find in nature to make something new too, a beautiful piece of art! Try our tips and ideas for using things found in nature to make your own paintbrushes! 

Foraging Animals

Ten Treetop Family Activities

Things found in nature can also be used to finish an interesting picture. Print our complete the animal worksheets and take them outside. Can you find things around you in nature to complete the picture? You can use leaves, rocks, sticks, flowers… anything you can find to make your animal. Try making a whole new animal – maybe one of your Treetop Family friends, like the squirrels or mice! 

Want some more? Check out all the episodes of Treetop Family and more Treetop Family activities.

We also have lots of great activities, songs and crafts for every little nature lover.

Thanks for visiting the old oak tree! We hope you come back soon! 

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