Little Robin Red Breast


Let’s celebrate spring with our playful Little Robin Red Breast and make a fun and simple paper cup craft today. We will use paint, yarn and construction paper to turn a plain white paper cup into one of our favorite characters.  


  • White paper cup
  • Grey paint
  • Paint brush
  • Red yarn
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Grey and orange construction paper ( or download the wing template here)
  • Black pencil

Start by painting the paper cup grey, sides and top. Wait for the paint to dry completely and apply another coat of paint.

After the second coat of paint has dried, cut a strand of red yarn and wrap it around the bottom of the cup. Secure one end with tape and start wrapping for about 8-9 times. Once you are done, cut the yarn and secure again the end with tape. Make sure both ends of the yarn are taped down to the back of the cup.

Glue the googly eyes.

Cut a small rectangle from the orange construction paper, fold it in half and draw a beak shape on it. Cut out the beak and glue it under the eyes.

Draw the Little Robin’s marks under its eyes with a black pencil.

Draw the wings and the tail on grey paper and cut them out.

Roll the edges of both the wings and the tail on the pencil to give them a curly look.

Glue the wings on the cup, one on each side, and the tail at the back.

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Stef is the mom of 2 little boys and the blogger behind Non-Toy Gifts. Here she shares fun and simple crafts and activities for young kids.

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