Lullaby Forest: A Twinkle Twinkle Bedtime Movie

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” was released on YouTube fourteen years ago and has since become the quintessential version of the classic lullaby. It all started with a group of teachers teaching English overseas, and today Super Simple is one of the world’s most loved and trusted kids brands.

We celebrate the legacy of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with this beautiful 18-minute movie featuring two of your favorite Super Simple characters, Owl and Star. Featuring remastered audio, a brand new song, and stunning animation, sit back and relax in the Lullaby Forest with Owl, Star, Baby Bear, and Bunny.

Lullaby Forest: A Twinkle Twinkle Bedtime Movie

Owl is sweet-natured and filled with wonder. His favorite friend is Star. Together, they fly through the night sky and look down at the forest below. 

Lullaby Forest: A Twinkle Twinkle Bedtime Movie

Like a diamond in the sky, Star twinkles and smiles at their friend Owl each night. Star loves flying through the fluffy clouds and being helpful by shining bright light all over Lullaby Forest. 

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