Make Your Own Fish Aquarium using CDs!

DIY Fish Aquarium using recycled CDs

Today, Caitie’s Classroom is all about Cleaning Up! We’re going to make a fish aquarium using upcycled materials from around the house. This is a fun craft to do, while recycling materials you may not use anymore.

Here is what you need:

DIY Fish Aquarium using recycled CDs


  • CDs
  • tissue paper
  • small piece of construction paper
  • permanent markers
  • scissors, or waived edge scissors (optional)
  • googly eye
  • tape
  • glue
DIY Fish Aquarium using recycled CDs

Aquarium Diorama

  • glue
  • craft paint
  • paint brush
  • fishing line
  • safety pin
  • straws (recycled)
  • bubble wrap (recycled)
  • empty shallow box (recycled)
DIY Fish Aquarium using recycled CDs

Steps to Create a Fish: 

Draw a pattern on your CD by using a permanent marker. 

Cut a general rectangle shape for the fish fins and tail, accordion fold and tape into place on the back side of the disc.

Shape fins with regular or wavy scissors.

DIY Fish Aquarium using recycled CDs

Draw a mouth onto construction paper and cut out.

Glue mouth and eye into place.

DIY Fish Aquarium using recycled CDs

Steps to Create an Aquarium Diorama

  1. Cut the flaps of your box for your desired look. Leave an edge on the bottom this will give a surface to attach your decorations.
  2. Cut shapes out of cardboard for coral and foliage.
  3. Paint the inside of your box, frame, plants and coral decorations.
  4. Decorate using recycled items.  We cut slits in straws and inserted straws into the holes to make the red coral shape. Use painted bubble wrap for a rocky bottom.
  5. Glue decorations into place.
  6. Puncture a hole with a safety pin on the top of your diorama at the depth where you would like your fish to sit.
  7. Tie a bead to one end of a piece of fishing line. From the top, thread through hole and tape to the back of the fish.  You can make your fish move up and down by pulling on the string.
DIY Fish Aquarium using recycled CDs

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