Super Simple Pirate Costume

Super Simple Pirate Costume

Arrrrrr! Ahoy mateys! It’s pirate month so I’ve decided to teach all you landlubbers how to make a genuine pirate hat and eye patch so you’ll fit right in with us scallywags and won’t be made to walk the plank!

What You’ll Need

A felt hat with a wide brim
A piece of felt
Some string or yarn
A glue gun
Fabric glue
Paper (or this print out)

Super Simple Pirate Costume - Hat

Step 1
To create the right shape for the hat we’ll be folding up the sides and sticking them to the main body. Using a glue gun make a few dots of glue on the brim of the hat. You won’t need a lot of glue, it’s pretty sturdy.

Super Simple Pirate Costume - Hat

Fold the side up and stick it onto the hat. Repeat on the other side so both sides are even.

Super Simple Pirate Costume - Hat

Step 2
Next, print out or draw out a skull and bones, the international symbol of the pirate, on some paper and cut it out.

Pirate Hat

Place a few dots of fabric glue all around the edge of the cut out. Stick it onto one of the upturned edges of hat brim.

Pirate Eyepatch

Step 3
Now we’ll make our eye patch! Take your piece of felt and draw out your eye patch shape. I like to use my glasses as a guide so I know how big to make the piece. Cut it out of the felt.

Pirate Eyepatch

Step 4
Fold over the top two corners of your eye patch and cut a small hole on each side. Cut two long pieces of yarn or string.

Thread one piece through each side of the eye patch. Tie a knot and cut the excess string off. When you fit your eye patch on your face tie the two pieces of string around your head to hold it in place. You can cut off any excess string here too.

Pirate Eyepatch

Step 5
Print or draw out another skull and bones, this one much smaller than the last. Glue it to the centre of your eye patch with some fabric glue the same as the other one.

And that’s it! You can add any additional pieces to the hat if you’d like. I added a big feather to make my pirate hat more fancy, like a captain’s hat! Shiver me timbers! You look just like a pirate! Welcome to the crew matey! Let’s go search for some buried treasure!

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