Make Your Own Rock Bugs!

Make Your Own Rock Bugs!

Bugs are incredible creatures! And there are so many of them! Did you know there are more bugs on earth than there are human beings? And new ones are still being discovered. Bugs have been around for a long long time, hundreds of millions of years. They are so amazing and we want to celebrate them in all their glory, so we’re making rock bugs! 

These rock bugs can be made with materials you probably already have at home, plus a few you can find outside on the ground! Look for rocks that are smooth, round and flat-ish to make your bug friends, bring them inside to get cleaned up, and then you are ready to make your amazing rock bugs. 

Materials You’ll Need

Make Your Own Rock Bugs!
  • rocks – round and smooth work best!
  • craft paint 
  • googley eyes 
  • paint brush 
  • pencil 
  • marker
  • glue stick
  • optional: clear spray paint to coat as a protective finish


Make Your Own Rock Bugs!

Once your rocks are cleaned and dry, start off by painting your rocks white. A white base helps the more colorful paint you will use later to be bright instead of painting the colored paint directly on the grey surface of the rock. You can skip this step, but your colored paint won’t be as vibrant.

Make Your Own Rock Bugs!

Then pick what color you want to make your bug! You can pick a specific bug to make, like a bumble bee or a ladybug, or try creating your own kind of bug!

Make Your Own Rock Bugs!

Add in some details on your bug! We like using a pencil dipped in paint to make fine details. The eraser end of a pencil makes great polka dots, like the spots on a ladybug, and the writing end can make small dots. We also used a permanent marker to draw lines on our bugs. 

Make Your Own Rock Bugs!

To complete your bug, add on a few googley eyes with a glue stick. How many eyes will your bug have? Did you know spiders have eight eyes? Whoa. 

Make Your Own Rock Bugs!

Now your bugs are ready to go! Play with your bugs along with Caitie in the Caitie’s Classroom episode Amazing Bugs! Or use them to sing along to the Super Simple Song Butterfly Ladybug Bumblebee. No matter how you use these rock bugs, they are sure to be a super creative and fun art project for all to enjoy. 

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