Melty Snowman Craft

Kids love snow! When the snow is falling down, it’s a good time to make a snowman. But what if you don’t have any snow? This craft is a perfect way to celebrate snow. We have a few songs that go along with the theme, including Let’s Make A Snowman and I’m A Little Snowman. Now, let’s get started! 

Things you’ll need

Melty Snowman Craft

– Cotton balls or large white pom poms

– White construction paper or white felt 

– Colorful construction paper options

– White glue 

– Paper plate

– Toothpick

– Googly eyes

– Markers

– Scissors 

– Hole punch 

– Brown pipe cleaner 


Melty Snowman Craft

First, prepare your snow puddle. Cut out a puddle shape from your white construction paper or felt. Make it a good size. 

Melty Snowman Craft

Working with cotton balls? Make them larger by unraveling one cotton ball and wrapping it around another.  

Melty Snowman Craft

Let’s prepare the pieces you will need to assemble your snowman! A hat, scarf, buttons, eyes, and nose. We used the hole punch to prep the eyes, mouth, and buttons. We used our scissors to cut a rectangle scarf and a square hat with a brim. We cut out a triangle for the carrot nose. 

Melty Snowman Craft

To assemble, pour some white glue onto your paper plate and use a toothpick to pick up the small pieces as you glue. Start with the snowman’s head. Next, glue on the nose, charcoal mouth, and googly eyes. Position the scarf under the cotton ball, and glue the hat and buttons down last. 

Melty Snowman Craft

To make the arms, cut two small pieces of pipe cleaner. Twist a smaller piece onto the end for the hands. Add glue to the arms and glue onto your puddle. 

Melty Snowman Craft

I’m a little snowman, look at me! How’s the weather today? Let’s look outside. It’s sunny! Uh oh! 

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