New Year’s Eve Party Hat Craft


2020 is right around the corner! Whether it’s New Year’s Eve or a Birthday bash, it’s time to party and we have a quick and easy hat craft for a celebration of any kind!

Things you’ll need

Hat template (page 2 of the PDF)
– Card stock
– Scissors
– White glue
– Tape
– Elastic string to hold the hat in place.
– Stapler
– Decorations ( ribbons, pom poms, glitter etc.)


Trace the hat template onto a piece of card stock and cut it out. Add some glue to the tab and stick it to the other side of the hat. You can reinforce it with tape on the inside of the hat if need be.

Coming up with a theme might be helpful to get inspired decorating your hat. Here are some of the themes we thought of and how we made them.

Fireworks Celebration

We made fireworks by twisting small lengths of pipe cleaners together. We shaped them and glued them to the hat. We used some Christmas garland to trim the hat!

Confetti Party

Paint the confetti party hat with glue and sprinkle sequins and glitter on it. Twist some pipe cleaners together and glue your firework shape to the top of the hat for extra pizazz!

321 Countdown

We used number and star stickers to decorate this hat and topped it with a fun pom pom.

2020 Sparkle

To make this sparkle theme we used jewel and number stickers. The base is trimmed with garland. At the top we aglued a pom pom made out of Christmas ribbon.

2020 Cheerful

Pom poms and number stickers are used to decorate this colourful hat.

To secure the hat to your head, staple the end of the elastic cord to the inside of the hat. Tie a knot around the staple. Repeat on the other side once you’ve fitted the hat to your head.

We wish you all the happiest New Year ever and all the best in 2020! Here’s to a new decade!

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