Opportunity knocks

kids in the classroom

Teaching can be incredibly rewarding, and sometimes very tiring.  It’s important every once in a while to remind yourself why you do what you do.  For me, it can be summed up by a passage from Michael Lewis’s excellent book, The Lexical Approach.

“…language is important and … language teaching is useful and valuable.  A foreign language can be a valuable personal asset, liberating financially, culturally and emotionally.  Helping people acquire such an asset is a worthwhile occupation.”

If you are a language teacher, take a moment every day to think about how valuable knowing a foreign language will be for your students.  Proficiency in a foreign language creates more friendship opportunities, more professional opportunities, more educational opportunities, more travel opportunities… more opportunities!

Always remember that what you do may end up having a bigger influence on your students’ lives than you can ever imagine.

– Devon

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