Painting with Magnets!

Painting with Magnets!

Hurray for magnets! Magnets can seem like magic to little ones, and are wonderful learning tools. Go around your house with your little one and find things that are magnetic. Use your magnet wand to test the objects and gather them together to use in this art activity! The magnets will create an interesting design on your paper with the paint – a masterpiece made with the magic of magnets!

*Small magnets can be dangerous for young children. Please ensure young children are always supervised when playing with magnets!

Painting with Magnets!

Things you’ll need

  • some things that are magnetic: washers, ball bearings, nuts, bolts, paper clips, a chain, etc.
  • magnet wand
  • paper
  • plastic tray, cardboard or plastic washable placemat for under the paper
  • craft paint
  • tape
Painting with Magnets!


Secure the underside of paper with tape onto the mat or board. Squeeze a dollop of paint onto the paper and place magnetic items on top of the paint. Spread paint by moving the magnet wand around underneath the tray. Enjoy the different designs the magnets make, and your new artistic creation!

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