Paper Plate Snail Craft

Paper Plate Snail Craft

We think snails are cool! We have an adorable paper plate snail craft that’s fun for just about any age, but first, take the snail quiz!

True or false: The snail is one of the slowest creatures on earth. TRUE! The common garden snail moves up to 50 yards per day, which is very slow if you’re anything but a snail. 

True or false: Snails can travel upside down. TRUE! They leave a slimy trail and this slime helps them stick to the surface they are moving along. 

True or false: Some people eat snails! TRUE! Snails are considered a delicacy in France called escargot and many other cultures eat snails as well. 

Nice job completing the snail quiz! Now, let’s get started.

Paper Plate Snail Craft

Things you’ll need

  • Paper plate
  • Googly eyes
  • Large pompom or cotton ball
  • Small pompoms
  • Clothespin
  • Craft paint
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Glue
Paper Plate Snail Craft

First, attach a clothespin to a large pompom. This will be your paintbrush. Dip the pompom in craft paint and swirl it over your paper plate, starting in the centre and working your way outward, making a big spiral.

Paper Plate Snail Craft

Repeat this process with a different color. Set aside your spiral shell to dry for now.

Paper Plate Snail Craft

Once dry, you can continue to decorate your snail shell however you like! We used some markers to draw some lines between our paint colors and dipped some small pompoms in paint to create a polka dot pattern. Get creative!

Paper Plate Snail Craft

Now that you have your beautiful snail shell, place the shell on top of a sheet of construction paper. Draw the snail’s head and body and cut them out. Cut out two smaller rectangles for the antennae.

Paper Plate Snail Craft

You can choose some small pom poms for the antennae and some googly eyes for your snail’s face. Glue everything into place using a glue stick and draw a snail smile with a marker.

Paper Plate Snail Craft

It’s best to use some white glue to stick your shell onto your snail’s body.

Paper Plate Snail Craft

We hope you have fun making lots of friendly snails!

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