Scavenger Hunt

How do we know what we know about nature? From observation – looking carefully. Here’s a fun activity to practice your nature observation.

What you need:

Go to a wild place, like the woods, or a river, or even just a park. Take your time and look around.

Try to find:

  • three different kinds of tree leaves
  • three different kinds of flowers
  • three different kinds of insects
  • three different kinds of birds
  • three different signs that animals have passed by
    (this could be almost anything: footprints, tooth marks, feathers, eggshells, nutshells, even poop)
  • three other interesting things

For each one you find, look at it carefully and draw a picture of it in the box provided. Write its name if you know it. If you don’t, that’s okay too!

Here’s one I did in a marsh close to where I live:

What else can you find by looking carefully at nature?

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Grant Harding is a puppeteer with a degree in biology and a passion for education and the environment. Follow Grant on Twitter, or check out his website.



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