Sweet Dreams Bears Torn Paper Craft

Here is a simple craft inspired by the bears in Sweet Dreams! Torn paper crafts are a great way to encourage kids to practice their fine motor skills and have fun, at the same time. With just a little imagination, we can turn almost anything into a cool craft, even tiny pieces of paper.

Today we will create two adorable sleeping bears from a handful of ripped up brown paper. These two bears are none others than our sweet mama bear and baby bear, who go to sleep side by side after a long day of great adventures. 


  • White cardstock paper
  • Brown, light brown and black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Start by handing your child a sheet of brown construction paper and another of light brown paper to tear into tiny pieces. If your little one likes a challenge, you can suggest that the child uses scissors to cut the paper. It all depends on the kid’s age and how comfortable she is using scissors. Otherwise ripping up paper is something that kids of all ages enjoy doing.

Once you have a rather big pile of torn paper pieces, look for two round household items, like a plastic container or a plate, to draw two circles on white cardstock paper. Make sure one of the circles is larger than the other. Cut the two circles out.

Kids can go ahead and glue the paper pieces to the circles. Start with the light brown paper that goes around the eyes and mouth areas. Once they are done with this, they can move on to the brown paper that will cover the rest of the white circles. If some of the paper goes outside the circle shapes, you can either trim the excess paper or leave it like this.

Draw the bears’ ears on brown paper, cut them out and glue them to the back of the circles.

Cut out the nose, mouth and eyes from black paper and glue them to the head. The nose and eyes go on the light brown paper, while the mouth is on brown paper.

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Stef is the mom of 2 little boys and the blogger behind Non-Toy Gifts. Here she shares fun and simple crafts and activities for young kids.

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