Treasure Tubes

Treasure Tubes

Ahoy mateys! Let’s search for buried treasure! These tubes are filled with colourful treasure, and look beautiful too. You can use them to practice colours, vocabulary, and shapes. Try putting foam or plastic letters into the tube to practice letters – a perfect activity after watching an episode of ABC Pirates! Argh! What do you see in the treasure tube? Shape it up and see what you can find!

Treasure Tubes

Things you’ll need

  • Clear jar or container that seals tightly.
  • Sand – we found that course sand works best. Dine sand will take longer to settle and may cloud the water, so it will take more time to find your treasure.
  • Colourful beaded jewels
  • Small sea shells
  • Glitter
  • Fake coins – silver and gold.
  • Anything else you’d like!
Treasure Tubes - supplies


1. Fill the tube with sand first, then add water. Let the sand settle and pour out any discoloured water and debris repeat until the water is clear.

2. Add beaded jewels, small sea shells, glitter, fake coins – anything you’d like to put into your treasure tube.

3. If you need help securing the bottle from leaking, add hot glue to the mouth of the bottle or jar. Make sure the jar is dry before adding the glue, and quickly secure the lid back on. You can also add a strip of strong tape joining the lid and the bottle together.

4. Shake it up and search for buried treasure inside the treasure tube!

Treasure Tubes

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