Turkey Table Decoration

thanksgiving turkey craft

Canadian Thanksgiving is almost here! Families gathering to celebrate all the wonderful things we are thankful for, and enjoying a delicious dinner together… what’s not to love? Get the little ones in the spirit with this fun turkey craft! It is a perfect decoration for the mantle, or the Thanksgiving table itself!


  • autumnal coloured construction paper
  • bingo dabbers to decorate feathers
  • scissors
  • cello tape double-sided tape
  • googly eyes
  • jar lid to trace a circle and as your base
  • pen / marker
thanksgiving turkey craft


  1. Select your colours for the turkey tail! You will need 2 sheets of each colour.  Put aside brown for the turkey head and body.

  2. Line up the paper to your desired layering height, then trim. Fold all of the sheets of construction paper, 2 of each colour, back and forth, like an accordion. With a glue stick, glue the matching colours together to make one long folded sheet.
    * Note: two sheets can be folded at once.

  3. Decorate your layers by drawing on them or by using a bingo dabber. You can refold the sheets of paper and trim the top corner off for a pointed feather look.

  4. Refold your decorated layers into a fan shape. Add a piece of tape to the bottom of the fan to connect the two sides together.

    thanksgiving turkey craft

  5. On a brown sheet of construction paper, trace a circle (you can use the jar lid that will be your base) for the turkey body. Fold the bottom of the circle so there is a flat edge – this will be a ledge to attach your turkey to the base. Then, draw and cut out a turkey leg shape for the head and neck. On a red piece of construction paper, draw and cut out a heart shape for the wattle and a yellow paper triangle for the beak.

  6. Glue the head onto the circle. Glue the eyes, the waddle and the beak.

    thanksgiving turkey craft

  7. Add double sided tape to the top side of the jar lid.  Stick down the smallest fan, making sure to keep it centred and to the front of the lid. Then add the larger fan layers behind.

  8. Glue or use double sided tape to the bottom ledge of the turkey’s body. Stick down to the front of the lid. 

  9. Gobble gobble!
thanksgiving turkey craft

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