Get The Look! Super Simple Halloween Costume Ideas!

Get The Look! Super Simple Halloween Costume Ideas!

What are you going to be for Halloween? Well, we have a fun idea for all the hard-core Super Simple fans out there: dress up as a Super Simple character! We put together three costumes that are simple to recreate at home and will have you looking just like Ben, Carl or Caitie from your favorite Super Simple songs and shows. 

Get The Look: Ben! 

Get The Look! Super Simple Halloween Costume Ideas!

Ben is featured in some of our most popular music videos! He is the star of our This Is The Way series of music videos, and he gets squeaky clean in the video for The Bath Song. You can look just like Ben when you trick or treat this year with a few clothing items you may already have in your closet. 

  • Red t-shirt
  • Denim or blue sneakers
  • Backpack 
  • Blue jeans
  • Blue baseball cap 

Play the music video for This Is The Way We Get Dressed (starring Ben!) as you put on your costume and get ready for your big night of trick or treating! And while you are out and about, be sure to share your knowledge of how to do things by singing This Is The Way We Trick Or Treat to really complete the costume. 

Get The Look: Carl! 

Get The Look! Super Simple Halloween Costume Ideas!

Are you a big fan of Carl’s Car Wash? Take your fandom to the next level with our Carl costume! His signature look is full of blue tones and classic overalls, which seem to be back in style! Carl is always ahead of the curve, ready for anything! Get these clothing items to complete your look. 

  • Light blue turtleneck
  • Brown shoes or boots
  • Blue wide-brimmed hat
  • Blue overalls with yellow buttons

Carl’s overalls have a big pocket in the front and bright, yellow buttons. To perfect your overalls, try to find big buttons that are yellow (TIP: You can often find large wooden buttons at craft stores that you can paint any color!) to sew or hot glue onto your overalls. Be sure to be on the lookout for any messes while you’re trick or treating, and you can use your knowledge from Carl’s Car Wash to decide if they are a little messy, medium messy, or super duper messy! That way, there will be no doubts that you are Carl from Carl’s Car Wash!

Get The Look: Caitie!

Get The Look! Super Simple Halloween Costume Ideas!

Caitie and her friends have lots of fun playing in Caitie’s Classroom, and with a Caitie costume, now you can play Caitie! Caitie always wears bright colors in her clothing, and her signature apron is a key part in completing this costume. You can make your own at home with a few little tweaks to a regular apron, and the rest of Caitie’s costume is pretty easy to recreate – just like all the fun activities in the classroom! 

  • Orange t-shirt
  • Blue sneakers with white laces
  • Blue pants
  • Yellow apron with orange buttons, one purple pocket, and one blue pocket
  • A guitar

To make the apron, try sewing or hot gluing patches of purple or blue fabric to the front of the apron. The purple pocket is on the left, and the blue pocket is on the right. Caitie’s apron also has big orange buttons you can add to the front. (TIP: You can often find large wooden buttons at craft stores that you can paint any color!) If you can get fancy, try adding the blue and purple straps around the shoulders that cris-cross at the back – the blue strap on the left and the purple strap on the right. And Caitie wouldn’t be Caitie without her guitar! You can use a toy guitar to complete your costume, or make your own with the Homemade Guitar Craft! Caitie’s guitar strap is blue with yellow and orange music notes, and it’s held to the guitar with another orange button. Put it all together with a side braid to the left, and you have the perfect Caitie costume for trick or treating! 

Who will you pick to be for Halloween this year? Ben, Carl, or Caitie? Well, no matter what your costume may be, we hope you have a wonderful and Happy Halloween! 

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