How To Teach Super Simple Songs

How To Teach Happy Birthday To You

Caitie is sharing helpful tips for learning in the classroom or at home using the song Happy Birthday To You from Super Simple Songs! She sings the song and shows us gestures for the key vocabulary words, too! This a great song to celebrate birthday in the classroom while getting some fun learning and review in too!

Try these ideas in the classroom or at home!

  • Play this song at home or in the classroom to celebrate any time someone has a birthday. If they like, they can choose to stand in the middle of the circle or the front of the classroom as everyone sings and celebrates.
  • In the video, we used American Sign Language to sign happy birthday to you. You can try using these gestures or make up your own!
  • In our version we sing ‘happy birthday, happy birthday’ instead of mentioning someone’s name so the song could be sung for anyone’s birthday. But when celebrating someone, you might like to use their name!
  • Try this to create a fun birthday tradition in your classroom. Every time a student celebrates a birthday, play this song in the morning to let your class know that someone is celebrating a birthday, but don’t tell them who. Then give them a few hints to see if they can guess. Hints can be things like, they are wearing a red shirt today or they like making crafts. Once your class has guessed correctly, play the song again, this time using the student’s name to celebrate their big day.
  • If you have a birthday cake as part of your celebration and want to celebrate Super Simple style, use our Printable Cake Toppers to decorate your cake!