How To Teach Super Simple Songs

How To Teach Here Comes The Fire Truck

We are learning how to teach the “Here Comes The Fire Truck” song for kids. This song introduces the actions and sounds of a fire truck and firefighters, and Caitie is here to share some simple ideas on how to teach this popular song that many kids love!

Try some of these ideas in the classroom or at home!

  • Try acting out this song with some toy firefighter props like a fire truck, hose, and ladder.
  • This is also a perfect song for a community helpers theme. Community helpers are people who live and work on our communities, like firefighters. Talk to your students about the important work firefighters do, and you can explore other community helpers as well, like teachers!
  • Fire trucks often are a bright red color. Try using this song when you are exploring colors as a special song for the color red. Ask your students if they can think of other things that are red, like a fire truck.
  • Try making a fire truck craft! You can make your own, or try making this one with our printable resource. It’s great fun to make, and once you are finished, you can play along with the fire truck to the song. You can also have your students draw a fire truck. Be sure that everyone includes the special parts of a fire truck mentioned in the song, like the hose and the ladder.
  • Singing this song is also a wonderful opportunity to talk about fire safety with your students. Point out the exits in the room in case of an emergency and where the fire extinguisher is kept. You can even do a pretend fire drill so everyone can always be safe.