Bubble Snake

Bubble Snake

The bubble snake is a super fun and simple way to up your bubble game! It’s easy to make, using items you probably already have around the house, and it provides tons of fun for little ones. You can use the bubble snake outside, or try using bath friendly soaps for an exciting experience during bath time! See the bubble snake in action in the Caitie’s Classroom episode Staying Clean & Healthy – Caitie shows us how the bubble snake makes bathtime so much fun! 

Things You Need 

Bubble Snake
  • sock 
  • dish soap (for outside use) or bath friendly soap (for bath use)
  • small dish with water 
  • rubber bands 
  • small empty water bottle 
  • craft knife 
  • scissors 


Using a craft knife, pierce a hole at the bottom end of a water bottle. Cut into the hole with scissors, and continue cutting around the bottom until it comes off. 

Bubble Snake

Pull a sock over the bottom opening of the bottle. Make sure you have about 2” of sock from the bottom of the bottle, and cut off the excess. Secure the sock in place with rubber bands.

Bubble Snake

Mix some dish soap with water in a small dish so the soap is diluted. Dip the sock end of the water bottle into the soap mixture. Blow out through the mouthpiece of the water bottle to make your bubble snake! 

Bubble Snake

Have fun! How long can you make your bubble snake? Can you make it slither like a snake in the air? Try it in the bathtub for extra bubble fun! 

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