Bumble Num Bonanza! Our Favorite Bumble Num Activities From Super Simple!

Bumble Num Bonanza!

We love The Bumble Nums! Humble, Grumble and Stumble are three silly chefs who bounce, climb, fly, and stretch their way to finding the secret ingredient in the day’s special recipe. If you haven’t met, you can watch all their adventures and join the fun! We’ve put together our top ten favorite Bumble Num activities and crafts for lots of Bumble Num fun and learning outside of screen time. With recipes, crafts, worksheets and more, there’s something here for every age and skill level. Here’s our top ten activity list for all the Bumble Num fans out there!

Bumble Nums Restaurant Playset

Bumble Num Bonanza!

With our Bumble Num Restaurant Playset, you have everything you need to play restaurant, Bumble Nums style! Download, print and cut out the elements of our restaurant playset, set them up and you’re ready to open up for business! Role playing in this way is super fun for little ones, and a great way to encourage their development and learning. Read more about the importance of play, and have fun!

Bumble Num Banana Splits Recipe

Bumble Num Bonanza!

The Bumble Nums love making tasty and interesting foods, so we took a page from their book and created a few of our own recipes based on episodes of The Bumble Nums! These banana splits are inspired from The Bumble Num’s episode, Boomerang Banana Splits – they are tasty and super fun! 

Bumble Nums Mac and Cheese Wheels

Bumble Num Bonanza!

The Bumble Nums love mac and cheese, and so do we! These mac and cheese wheels are tasty and fun to make. They make a great snack while watching your favorite Bumble Num episode! May we suggest the Bumble Num episode, Mouthwatering Mac and Cheese?

Bumble Num Pancakes

Bumble Num Bonanza!

These Bumble Num pancakes are the perfect breakfast for any Bumble Num fan! You can have your Bumble Nums, and eat them too!

Make Your Own Gooseberry Pie

Bumble Num Bonanza!

Watch The Bumble Nums make their Honking Gooseberry Pie, then download and print our Make your Own Gooseberry Pie resource to make your own! It’s also a great fine motor skills challenge for little ones.

Bumble Nums Craft

Bumble Num Bonanza!

This is a great craft for all the Bumble Num fans out there. Make your favorite Bumble Num, or make all three! 

DIY Bumble Num Groceries!

Bumble Num Bonanza!

Humble, Stumble and Grumble are always on the lookout for interesting and tasty ingredients, like honking gooseberries and sparkling strawberries! Now you can have all the special ingredients from the Bumble Nums in your kitchen with our DIY Bumble Num Grocery labels. Attach the labels to the items in your fridge or pantry to cook like the Bumble Nums!

The Bumble Nums Christmas Ornaments

Bumble Num Bonanza!

These Bumble Num ornaments are a wonderful addition to your Christmas tree, and make a great homemade Christas gift for the Bumble Num fans in your life. And if you love The Bumble Nums as much as we do, these are great decorations to keep up all year round!

Bumble Nums Coloring Pages & Worksheets

Bumble Num Bonanza!

Super Simple has free printables including worksheets, coloring pages and more to go along with all your favorite Super Simple shows. We have over 60 Bumble Num worksheets and 29 coloring pages to keep your little learner busy with Bumble Num fun all day long!

The Bumble Nums Make Your Own Pizza

Bumble Num Bonanza!

How do you feel about pineapple on your pizza? The Bumble Nums love it! Watch The Bumble Nums make their Spinning Pineapple Pizza and use our free resource to make your own over and over with as much pineapple as you like. Or don’t like. 

We hope you enjoy our top ten favorite Bumble Num activities. We’re getting hungry just talking about it!

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