Decorate The Christmas Tree

Decorate The Christmas Tree Activity

Need a quick and easy activity for the kids this holiday season? Practice shapes, colors and Christmas vocabulary with Shapes Christmas Trees. Simply download this Christmas tree PDF template and cut out the pieces according to the color guide. You can use felt, colored paper, or color them yourselves.

To extend the activity, look for colors with “I See Something Blue” or “I See Something Pink”. Can you find something blue, yellow, red or purple?

After, name the different shapes. You might try using “The Shape Song #1” or “The Shape Song #2” to help you review. Besides finding the colors and shapes in the tree and ornaments, look around the room and find more objects made of different shapes, or identify other colored items.

Shapes Christmas Tree template page 1Shapes Christmas Tree template page 2

Decorate The Christmas Tree” is a great song to play in the background as you do this activity together!

Wishing you a very happy holiday season!

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