Mr. Monkey Craft

Mr. Monkey Craft

Educational crafts are a great way for kids to express their creativity as well as explore educational concepts they learn in school or with their parents. Today we will have fun creating Mr. Monkey with several shapes of different sizes. We will start with an oval and continue with circles, a triangle and a rectangle. We will cut, and glue and make one of our favorite characters with paper and yarn.

Mr. Monkey Craft


  • Mr. Monkey template
  • Black, orange, white and blue construction paper or cardstock
  • Orange yarn
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • red and black  markers

Start by downloading our Mr. Monkey template and cut out all the shapes. Trace them on corresponding construction paper or cardstock. Some shapes need to be cut twice and this is specified on each shape in the printable. It is the case with the ears and the four circles that form Mr. Monkey’s eyes.

Once you have all your shapes ready, you can go ahead and glue them. Start with the mouth which is glued at the bottom of the big black oval. Continue with the two orange eye circles and the rest of the circles that form the eyes.

The two little orange ovals are glued at the back of the black oval.

Mr. Monkey Craft

Mr. Monkey’s hat is made out of a triangle, long rectangle and a small circle. Glue the triangle at the back of the black oval and the rectangle in the front of the oval, right under the triangle. The small blue circle will go at the top of the triangle.

Use a black marker to draw the ear and hat details, mouth and eyebrows and a red marker for the nose.

Last step is to cut tiny strips of orange yarn and glue them on the black oval, around the eyes and mouth.

Mr. Monkey Craft

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