Noodle & Pals Wooden Spoon Craft

Bring your favorite Noodle characters to life with these adorable wooden spoon puppets. Now they are ready to play pretend or be apart of a fun puppet show created especially for mom and dad. 

Things You’ll Need

  • Wooden spoons
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Foam
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Black and red marker
  • Hole punch


Start by painting each spoon according to the character’s color. Leave about an inch at the bottom of the spoons unpainted. Let the paint dry completely and then apply another coat. Acrylic paints are quick-drying so by the time you are done applying the first coat of paint to all your wooden spoons, you will be able to start over with the second coat. Once the paint has dried you can go ahead and do the shoes also.

To create the hair, you will need to trace the shape of the spoon onto a foam sheet and sketch the hair with a pencil. Once you are happy how the hair looks on foam, you can cut it out and glue it to the spoon. Broccoli and Blossom’s hair is glued to the back of the spoon, while the hair of the rest of our friends is glued to the front. Kernel’s hair will need one extra step to look perfect: use a red marker to draw a few dots on the yellow foam.  The noses are made from foam too.

The googley eyes and the mouth drawn with a black marker are the last facial details. 

We will make each friend’s clothes using yarn wrapped around the spoon handles. Broccoli is the first to get his clothes and look how happy he is. Start by cutting a small strand of yellow yarn. Secure one end to the back of the spoon handle with tape. Wrap the yarn around the spoon several times. Tie the loose end to a small strand of green yarn. Continue wrapping yarn around the spoon until you reach the desired length. Make sure all the knots are at the back of the spoon and cut all the loose ends.  Use the same technique for Noodle and Blossom. For Cheesy and Kernel start with 3 or 4 different yarn colors from the beginning: light and dark brown, orange and yellow. Use only yellow yarn for Jelly’s clothes and create the red polka dots by punching a sheet of red foam. Glue the red circles to the yarn.

Enjoy your Noodle & Pal puppets!

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