Valentine’s Day Stamp Crafts & Activities!

Valentine's Day Stamp Crafts & Activities!

Valentine’s Day is February 14th! It’s a day all about celebrating love and showing people how much you care. A great way to show people how much you love them is with a homemade piece of art. These ideas for creating beautiful Valentine’s Day art are fun and simple enough for little ones, and include some color, shape and number review too!

Some things you’ll need are:

Valentine's Day Stamp Crafts & Activities!
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Cardboard tube
  • Paint
  • Dotters, markers, or other stamps
  • Something to put the paint on to use – we used a paper plate

We’ll be making a heart shape on a piece of paper using a number of different techniques. First, fold a piece of paper in half and draw half a heart. Cut it out and unfold – now you have a cut out heart!

Valentine's Day Stamp Crafts & Activities!

Using a bit of tape, gently secure the heart cut out onto another piece of paper. We’ll be removing the heart cut out later so don’t secure it too well. It should come off easily later on.

Valentine's Day Stamp Crafts & Activities!

Now we will make our heart shape on the paper! You can do this by using dotters, stamps or markers around the edges of the heart cut out. We used dotters, but other stamps or markers will work great too. Little ones don’t have to worry about staying in the lines, because once we remove the heart cut out, a perfect heart shape will be left in on the paper.

Valentine's Day Stamp Crafts & Activities!Valentine's Day Stamp Crafts & Activities!

Try counting the number of times your little one stamps on the page, or how many stamps it takes to go around the edge of the heart cut out. Try using different colors and ask your little one question about what colors they are using.

You can make your own simple heart stamp at home using a cardboard tube. By gently pushing down on the the tube, you can fold the bottom to a point and fold in the top inwards to make a heart shape. Try putting a piece of tape across the top to keep the heart shape in place while your little one stamps.

Valentine's Day Stamp Crafts & Activities!Valentine's Day Stamp Crafts & Activities!

This is a fun activity to do on its own as well, without the heart cut out. For some number practice, draw a number on a sheet of paper and have your little one make that many stamps with their cardboard tube heart stamp. Try using different colors for some color review as well.

You can also make your own heart stamp using your fingers! Place your finger or thumb into the paint, and push it down on the piece of paper. Then make another stamp with your finger slightly to the side to make a heart shape!

Valentine's Day Stamp Crafts & Activities!

Try our suggested number and color review activities with your finger heart stamps. It is sure to be a fun (and slightly messy) Valentine’s Day activity.

Once your heart crafts are all dry, you can add a special message inside of the heart for your Valentine. A perfect Valentine’s gift. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Stamp Crafts & Activities!

Watch Caitie make Valentine’s Day cards using these techniques in the classroom. Watch Caitie’s Classroom and Super Simple Play for more craft and activity ideas!

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