Reindeer Craft

Reindeer Craft
Christmas is coming! That means the reindeer are getting ready for their big night of pulling Santa’s sleigh! You can make your own team of reindeer with this simple and beautiful reindeer craft, that pairs wonderfully with our jolly santa craft. Little ones will be busy in the workshop with this one and love every minute!

Things you’ll need

Reindeer Craft
  • paper plate
  • brown craft paint
  • large googly eyes
  • glue stick
  • different shades of brown construction paper
  • large red pom pom
  • pencil


Paint the bottom of a paper plate with the brown craft paint.

Reindeer Craft

Trace both of your hands on a dark brown piece of construction paper and cut them out. These are going to be your reindeer’s antlers!

Reindeer Craft

For the muzzle, fold a light brown piece of construction paper in half and draw half of an oval shape. Then cut out the half shape to reveal a symmetrical shape.
For the ears, cut out both large and small ear shapes using two different shades of brown construction paper. Draw the shapes and cut the two pieces of paper layered together so you can cut them both at once. Then both ears will be perfectly identical!

Reindeer Craft

Put your reindeer together by gluing on the antlers, the ears, the muzzle, the googly eyes, and the red pom pom nose.

Reindeer Craft

Lastly, draw a mouth with a black marker. Now your reindeer is ready to fly with Santa! Merry Christmas!

Reindeer Craft

You can make a Jolly Santa Craft to go along with your reindeer, and for more Christmas fun, watch Caitie’s Classroom’s Christmas Time episode!

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