Captain Monsterica Ep 12 Thumbnail
Spill Bot

Dr. Smilo has captured Captain Monsterica and the Purple Protector. But it’s not for an evil plan—it’s to show them his latest invention: The Spillbot 2000, a robot that cleans up spills! It’s very useful until the robot turns on them and threatens to take over the world one spiller at a time. How will... Read more »

Six In The Bed Thumbnail
Six In The Bed

Practice counting down from 6 with Noodles & Pals with this fun and classic bedtime nursery rhyme for kids; “6 In The Bed”. 🎶There were six in the bed, and the little one said, roll over, roll over!🎶

Clay Donut Magnets

This craft may look like your favourite whimsical sugary treat, but don’t try a bite! These clay donuts are fun and easy to make, and when you’re done you can decorate your fridge with them. Donuts come in so many different varieties; we’ve made some traditional flavours as well as some very unusual ones. Can... Read more »

The Bumble Nums Ep 23 Thumbnail
Frozen Lychee Bubble Tea

The Bumble Nums are making Frozen Lychee Bubble Tea. But they’ve been fishing for the secret ingredient, frozen lychees, all morning and haven’t caught a thing! Their friend Yeti has a very fancy idea for getting what they need! Can he help them get the frozen lychees in time for the Cooking Countdown? Watch and... Read more »