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Groovie Movie Popcorn

Tonight is Movie Night! The Bumble Nums are going to watch their favorite movie…and they need a warm, tasty snack to munch on. What’s today’s recipe? Groovy Movie Popcorn featuring the secret ingredient: four popcorn cobs! Can the Bumble Nums get the secret ingredient to the kitchen in time for Cooking Countdown, and give us... Read more »

Word Family "eet"
Turn & Learn – Word Family “eet”

It’s Turn & Learn ABCs – Word Families! Let’s learn to read the words feet, street, and beet! What do these words have in common? They’re all words in the -eet word family! Can you think of any other words in the ”eet” word family?

How To Teach Alice The Camel
How To Teach Alice The Camel

How do I teach “Alice The Camel” to kids? Caitie demonstrates the gestures and shares some activity ideas for our version of this popular kids song.