Month: April 2013

5 MORE Simple Tips for Reading to Children

We just had a post on 5 Simple Reading Tips, and we received some great comments on that post. We weren’t finished! Here are 5 more tips for you to try. 1) Have a familiar story time routine. A routine is useful for helping students settle down for story time. When students are used to a… Read more »

5 Simple Tips for Reading to Children

Many factors go into making a children’s book a hit in your home or classroom. The story, the pictures, and the characters are all important. Your role in reading the book is an important factor as well. Here are 5 Simple Reading Tips you can try when reading picture books to children. 1) Create interest… Read more »

Our Favorite Animal Books (And a Contest!)

Update: A big thanks to everyone who shared their favorite animal-themed books! We assigned a number to each comment and used to generate two random numbers. The numbers were 7 and 27. This means the winning commenters were “Gracenawati” and “Magdalena_B”! Please contact us through our website to let us know where we should… Read more »