Month: May 2013

Weekend Reading: Raising Bilingual Children

We recently posted a fascinating article about how bilinguals switch between languages on our Facebook page. Parents often ask us for advice on raising their children bilingually. Parents want to do it and educators want to help. Christina Bosemark wrote a series of 6 articles about raising bilingual children, giving loads of insight, advice, and… Read more »

How music changed my teaching life

This is a guest post from our Good Friend, Patrick Jackson, author of Potato Pals, Stars, and Everybody Up, all published by Oxford University Press.   Before I went to Japan and started to teach kids, I ran a late night café in Dublin. While there are some similarities between customers in a restaurant and… Read more »

Card Games: Playing Concentration with Very Young Learners

Card game time! Yay! But wait: which one? And how to play with very young learners (preschool-aged and younger)? Let’s start with Concentration, also known as Memory. It’s that game where a whole bunch of cards are face down, and players turn over cards 2 at a time to try to find matches. It’s a… Read more »

Tips for using songs and music in small classes

Many of us have learned the advantages in using songs to teach large classes. Large classes can be amazingly fun, right? In a large class, students benefit from the crowd effect, and the energetic ones pull the whole class into the excitement. Nearly everyone sings. Quieter students either temporarily join in or hide behind the… Read more »