Fork Flowers

Fork Flowers

We love getting creative with our paintings! We’ve tried painting with toothbrushes, marbles and even magnets, so why not try painting with forks? It turns out, forks make a wonderful stamp to easily create beautiful flowers!

The colorful flowers of summer might be wilting, but we have all of the colors in this painting! Choose your favorite to make a bouquet, or mix and match with different colors. Even with summer coming to an end, we can still enjoy colorful flowers!

Fork Flowers

For this craft, you’ll need:

Fork Flowers
  • white paper
  • craft paint
  • a paint brush
  • paper plate or something to squeeze the paint onto
  • small and large fork


1. With a paint brush, paint the stems and leaves with green paint. You can also paint a vase for your bouquet of flowers, if you like!

Fork Flowers Fork Flowers

2. Squeeze different colors of craft paint onto a paper plate, or whatever you are using.

3. Dip your fork into the colored paint and stamp away! Wipe your fork clean when switching colours.

Fork Flowers

Try experimenting with other things as stamps and see what kind of flowers they make. A spoon would be a great stamp for the center of a flower, and your fingertips would make wonderful petals! Try different things, explore different colors, and have fun painting flowers!

Fork Flowers

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