This Is A Happy Face Feelings Wheel

Feelings Wheel

Bring the Super Simple Song This Is A Happy Face to life with this handy dandy Feelings Wheel! Our Feelings Wheel features the Noodle & Pals characters from the music video making all the different facial expressions from the song: happy, sleepy, angry, surprised, excited, sad, nervous and silly! You can follow along with the wheel as you listen to the song, or use it for a number of activities to help your little one learn about emotions. First, let’s make our Feelings Wheel! You can also scroll down for ideas on how to use it with or without the song. 

Things You Need

This Is A Happy Face Feelings Wheel
  • Feelings Wheel Printable – we recommend printing on thicker card stock paper for best results! 
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Round head fastener
  • Hole punch
  • Paper plate
  • Pencil


First, print out the Feeling Wheel Printable and cut out all the pieces. There are eight faces, eight emotion labels and one spinner piece.

This Is A Happy Face Feelings Wheel

Space out the emotion labels evenly on the paper place and glue them into place. Make sure your labels are facing upright so you can read them! 

This Is A Happy Face Feelings Wheel

Then glue the corresponding facial expressions next to each emotion on the rim of the paper plate. Have little ones help with this part and it can become a fun matching game!

This Is A Happy Face Feelings Wheel

Using the hole punch, make a hole on the spinner piece where it is marked. Then, mark the center of the paper plate and make a hole with the sharp end of a pencil. Using the round head fastener, attach the spinner to the paper plate.

This Is A Happy Face Feelings Wheel

Your Feelings Wheel is ready to go! Here are some ideas on how to use your Feelings Wheels with and without the song, This Is A Happy Face.

This Is A Happy Face Feelings Wheel

Follow along with the Feelings Wheel as you listen to the song. Move the wheel to point to each feelings as you sing that verse. 

Try moving the spinner and let it land randomly on a feeling and try to make that kind of face! You can play with another person and have them guess what kind of face you are making. 

Use the Feelings Wheel to help identify your feelings. Encourage little ones to move the spinner to the emotion that they are feeling. 

The Feelings Wheel can help teach empathy as well. Have your little one move the spinner to a feeling they think someone else might be feeling. You can use this in real life situations, or use characters from storybooks. 

Call out a feeling, or sing a verse from This Is A Happy Face, and have your little one move the spinner to point to that feeling on the Feelings Wheel. 

Move the spinner to point to a feeling and share a story about a moment when you felt that way. This is a great opportunity to talk about emotions and how to identify them and self-regulate big feelings. 

Use this Feelings Wheels anytime your little one might need a little check in. It can easily go along with you on trips to the park or on car rides to school. Using it can help get little ones to notice what they are feeling and to think more about their and others’ emotions. 

For more activities, songs and videos about emotions, check out our Emotions theme page.

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