Let's Find Opposites In The Park
Let’s Find Opposites In The Park

Let’s have some fun in the park! Together with Caitie, let’s see what opposites we can discover! We’ll learn up and down, happy and sad, yes and no, in and out, and more!

It's Easy to Make Your Own Confetti Cannon!
It’s Easy to Make Your Own Confetti Cannon!

No matter what you are celebrating, everything is better with confetti! This homemade confetti cannon is simple to make, and easy to use. You can fill your confetti cannon with your own homemade confetti made from tissue paper or coloured paper, and use it to celebrate anything at all! A special birthday!The start of summer!... Read more »

My Favourite Things Time Capsule
My Favourite Things Time Capsule

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens Brown paper packages tied up with strings These are a few of my favourite things – ‘My Favourite Things’, The Sound Of Music Our favourite things. As we get older, the fluctuation of what our favourite things tend to slow down... Read more »

How To Teach Mary Had A Kangaroo
How To Teach Mary Had A Kangaroo

Mary Had A Little Lamb is classic nursery rhyme that kids have sung for ages. The Super Simple version focuses on introducing new animals and descriptive vocabulary. Mary not only has a little lamb with fleece as white as snow, but she also has a big giraffe with a long neck, a rhinoceros with a... Read more »

Mr. Wolf's Musical Van
Mr. Wolf’s Musical Van

Ahwooooo! Mr. Wolf dreams of going on tour with his band, The Lone Wolves, but it turns out…he’s the only one in the band, and setting up all his instruments makes him too tired to actually play! Is there anything Mr. Monkey can do to get through a concert without falling asleep? Watch and rock... Read more »

Let's See A Magnet Grapple
Let’s See A Magnet Grapple

Join Caitie on a field trip to Gerdau Metals Recycling in Mississauga Ontario, Canada to learn all about magnets and why they are important!