Welcome To Caitie’s Classroom Camp!

Welcome To Caitie's Classroom Camp!

Caitie’s Classroom Camp is an eight-week program you can do at home or in the classroom with little ones! Each week is themed and includes an activity or craft idea for each day of the week, Monday to Friday. Start by watching the suggested Caitie’s Classroom episode, and then enjoy playing, learning, and exploring throughout the week with the suggested activities! 

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WEEK 1: ROAR! Dinosaurs!

Caitie's Classroom Camp - Week 1

Watch: ROAR! Dinosaurs!

Want More? Dinosaurs #1 (live episode), Dinosaurs #2 (live episode)

Monday: Frozen Dinosaur Ice Eggs

Tuesday: Imaginative Play: Small World Of Dinosaurs

Wednesday: Dinosaur Scratch Card

Thursday: Paleontologist Discovery Bin

Friday: Super Simple Stegosaurus Craft OR Super Simple Brontosaurus Craft

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WEEK 2: Marvelous Music!

WEEK 2: Marvelous Music!

Watch: Marvelous Music

Want More? Music (live episode)

Monday: Homemade Guitar Craft

Tuesday: Drum Play

Wednesday: Musical instrument flashcard games & activities 

  • Print two of each flashcard to play a memory game. Place the cards on the ground face down and take turns flipping them over two at a time to find a match!
  • Hide the flashcards around the room for a hide and seek game. 
  • Hold up the flashcards when that instrument is playing in the song When The Band Comes Marching In.
  • Pretend to play each instrument and make its sound. 
  • Listen to music and point to the instruments you hear. 

Thursday: Musical Instruments

Friday: Have a Super Simple dance party!

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WEEK 3: Let’s Go Camping!

Let's Go Camping!

Watch: Let’s Go Camping

Want More? Watch Camping (previous live episode), Trees (previous live episode), and the full version of Tobee Goes Camping

Monday: Let’s Go Camping Dramatic Play

Tuesday: Let’s Go For A Walk Outside Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday: Stand Up Tree Craft

Thursday: Go on a rock hunt and make Alphabet Rocks

Friday: Let’s Go Camping Craft

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WEEK 4: All About Art!

WEEK 4: All About Art!

Watch: All About Art

Want More? Watch Colors, Colors, Colors, and Art (previous live episode)

Monday: Abstract Art Activity

Tuesday: Creative Coloring With Color Spinner

Wednesday: Food Art

Thursday: Mother Nature Paint Brushes

Friday: Color mixing activity – paint a rainbow using only red, blue, and yellow!

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